I am an integrative and psychosexual trained therapist. I offer affordable therapy sessions and a safe space to explore and reflect.
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ka (480x640)Your present or present  situation may be causing you worries, anxiety, to feel stuck, difficulties in relationship with yourself and others, physical pain and other setbacks. Counselling will enable you to explore your desired changes, choices, different options, self-acceptance and hope for the future.Through my own journey I’m aware that past, present and future are part of an individual’s personal development. Individuals may be seeking counselling to understand their past that might be affecting their present and face fear of the future.

You may be successful on the outside but still feel empty, bored and trapped internally, creating a barrier to experiencing a more satisfying and resourceful life. You may feel enclosed in your own bubble, trapped in old patterns/beliefs that might cause you to struggle connect with your real self. Counselling is a returning point to self discovery. You may no longer want to ignore a difficulty or struggle that maybe holding you back from living a fulfilling life. You may want to be more equipped to respond assertively to life’s ups and downs or want to be more settled and to move on. Seeking counselling will help you to work at your own pace to understanding where you are, why you are there and get where you want to be.

As a counsellor I will offer a warm and confidential space where you will feel supported as you explore and gain insight into the difficulties that bring you to counselling. I understand the journey can be difficult; looking into how you got here, your past experience, history, culture and beliefs can be daunting. In this vulnerable time my aim is to provide a supportive and sensitive place where you will feel accepted, supported and listened to in a non-judgmental environment.