I am an integrative and psychosexual trained therapist. I offer affordable therapy sessions and a safe space to explore and reflect.
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Couples Therapy

Relationships are fundamental in our life not only because of how we relate to each other but how we relate to ourselves. We are born in relationships and nurtured in relationship which makes it increasingly difficult to ignore relationships. There are different stages in relationship with different challenges. It’s common for couples to experience different challenges in their relationship which raises questions about whether to stay or leave. Relationship challenges include today’s busy life style, planning your life around your family, friends and  work, raising children and balancing dreams and careers. These are all factors that can make a couple drift   apart slowly.  It’s also common for individuals in the couple to feel unhappy at some stage in the relationship. In marriage and partnership this may result in the couple arguing, feeling resentful, isolated, angry, avoiding each other and even having affairs. My role as couple therapist is to facilitate communication where individuals in the couple feel safe to expresses their feelings, needs and feel listened to in a safe environment.

Relationship therapy helps individuals and couples establish healthy communication in their relationship. The focus is mainly on the couple and how changes may be affecting their relationship. My approach is integrative with the aim to enable the couple to regain the balance and explore their relationship dynamics in a safe non-judgmental environment.

Sometimes sexual problems result in a couple’s relationship problems or relationship problems result in sexual problems. Being in an unhappy relationship can be difficult and can make life unsatisfying.

The most common problems that couples bring to therapy are.

  • Differences in sexual desire
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Healing and disclosure of infidelity
  • Sexless relationship
  • Sex issues

I offer weekly sessions, twice a week sessions, fortnightly sessions and intense two hour sessions (morning and afternoon). Intense work is recommended for those who live abroad or have limited therapy time due to work or other commitiments.