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My name is Kaki - I am a fully qualified counsellor and psychotherapist, working with individuals and couples in the South London area.

I provide a safe space for individuals wanting to identify the long-standing issues and negative thought patterns that are holding them back, and provide support in taking the steps needed to find personal contentment in life.

I appreciate that for many, counselling can seem like a daunting process – but the first step of reaching out for professional help is the most difficult.   


So please reach out to me !  By doing so, you are taking a giant step towards addressing the issues that are holding back you and your relationships from reaching their full potential


A specialist talking therapy, designed to help individuals and couples living with sexual difficulties that are of a psychological and sexual nature and that are too difficult or complex to be resolved on their own without professional input.

Key issues where psychosexual therapy can help:


There are different stages in relationship with different challenges. It’s common for couples to experience different challenges in their relationship which raises questions about whether to stay or leave.

Key issues where therapy can help:

  • Differences in sexual desire

  • Communication problems

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Healing and disclosure of infidelity

  • Sexless relationship

  • Sex issues

More information on my Couples Therapy services

  • Depression, anxiety, stress

  • Substance misuse/addictions

  • Unemployment/work-related issues

  • Phobias/ fears

  • Bereavement/loss

  • Family relationships

  • Transcultural/identity issues

  • Attachment/relationships

  • Integration difficulties

  • Learning disabilities

  • Gender issues/sexual orientation

  • Sexual difficulty for both men and women

  • Couple/family therapy

    More information on my Counselling services

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