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I offer a safe and supportive environment so you can share your own experience, thoughts and feelings in personalised safe and confidential setting. By exploring what is really going on for you, it may be possible to become more aware of your choices and possibilities to implement positive changes in your current life. Through self-awareness it is possible to make decisions about how you want to live your present life and plan for your future. 

I normally offer 50-minute sessions weekly although longer or short sessions are available to meet individuals’ needs. Counselling with me could be time limited and open ending. We can talk this through together when we meet in our first session. Our first meeting is therapeutic session to assess whether counselling is appropriate to your needs and if I am the right counsellor to work with you. This involves form filling as well as giving you a sense of how I work as a counsellor and answer any questions you may have


  • Depression, anxiety, stress

  • Substance misuse/addictions

  • Unemployment/work-related issues

  • Phobias/ fears

  • Bereavement/loss

  • Family relationships

  • Transcultural/identity issues

  • Attachment/relationships

  • Integration difficulties

  • Learning disabilities

  • Gender issues/sexual orientation

  • Sexual difficulty for both men and women

  • Couple/family therapy


I use an integrative approach drawing on various therapeutic models such as psychodynamic, person centred, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT)  transcultural models and psychosexual and relationship techniques. Integrative counselling has evolved from a belief that no single model of counselling or psychotherapy is able to provide for the immense complexity of each individual human being. Integration is the process of recognising and valuing the knowledge, skills and insight from different theoretical models.

As a counsellor I value the individuality and uniqueness of each person. I also respond in an individual way to your circumstances and situations. I’m aware of difference and diversity and difference within difference. I welcome each person’s values and have respect of people’s diversity.

So what is counselling like with Kaki?  My approach is based on our shared attempt to understand your situation and how it impact on you in day to day life.  As counselling I believe working as team with you to achieve meaningful, enjoyable and desirable life you wish for. We may both discover new meaning through our discussions. I aim to support you in this exploration but it is only fair to point out that therapy can be challenging too and daunting process

I accept referrals from other healthcare professionals, health insurance, psychotherapists and counsellors and also make referrals.

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